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omgvstsm虎牙价格"Kill!""Congratulations to the Lord." Chen gong smiled and handed over to lu bu."To save, of course, is to save, our troops can be there, can not save, but now can not save, we must let these people long a little memory. Lv bu sneered.

"Lord, I will take someone to go with you. Recently, people are not very friendly. I'm afraid they will do harm to the Lord." Liang xing hurriedly said.< / p > < p > these words, the original lu lingqi is not to go in, but after Chen palace some words, now listen to, is nodded, heart depressed, choked: "father rest assured, ling qi will not for his father."The Lord has a good saying, the battlefield is really a very good training place." Chen gong shook his head, ignored these, now that lu bu has a son, for lu lingqi, the public attention is naturally a lot less.omgvstsm"You wait to judge a person by his appearance, in vain I have all learned, mind of the world, to offer liu biao, do not want liu biao should be so slow, hum, even if you invite me to come, I will not come! Youth young, listen to the voice, and even a few years younger than Addis, but looks ugly, with a pair of upturned nose, but no self-knowledge, eyes are carried head, stout, let him look at people, let the other side even the number of his nose hair can clear, facial features is very distinctive, mix together, absolutely can't let your life to see the second eye impulses, it happened that the tone very arrogant, as if not angered the other will never give up.

omgvstsm"No!Chapter 23

"The child has fine features, like a sister." "Said little Joe."Well, I see." Jun han one face suddenly realize of expression, let a person loose the rope way of the other party body: "this general, walk with me, my general want to see you.""Burp, let me tell you... Para para para para para." Jun han could not speak clearly, but his speech was quite orderly, and when he opened his mouth, he could not stop talking about his glorious past.omgvstsm




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