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用婴儿作掩护运毒金考网上阅卷Lyu3 bu4 nodded and walked to the center of the platform again, looking at Han De and the other 35 people, each with more or less injuries."Do you really mean it?" Yang looked at giffin, sink a track."The old man retired." The healer bowed down and retired in silence.

"Your Majesty is wise!" RiLe thought about it, had to admire ZuoXianWang means, hesitated for a moment, looked at ZuoXianWang way: "The other four, want to secretly contact, if you can move forward and retreat together, may be able to take advantage of Korea hence and lyu3 bu4 lose-lose, at one fell swoop to win the whole west cool!"In history, lyu3 bu4, d, are recalcitrant characters, ability is big, high spirits, such characters, want them to really defect, said difficult is not difficult, said simple is not simple, you can make its confidant first, that is to say, ability first have to live in them.Pentium, broken grass splashed, standing on YuanMen, but see d with three thousand cavalry, came back to run in the camp, even from time to time someone ran into the shooting range, lure camp soldiers put arrows.用婴儿作掩护运毒"But at your command, sir." D hand way.

用婴儿作掩护运毒"Wen hou? Lyu3 bu4?" Yang looked behind, Yang Xi is burning eyes at giffin, in front of the pile of prefixes automatically ignored by her, only to notice the last name, smell speech can't help but track: "But that is called the first general of the han dynasty lyu3 bu4?"With the addition of Chen Xing and He Man, Zhou Cang was overjoyed, Chen Xing is the general that lyu3 bu4 likes comparatively, The art of war is not a problem, You can decide things, He Man was born with a real yellow turban, This kind of intimidation of the people, To do it better than anyone else, After some deliberation by the three of them, split up, Zhou Cang continued to lead this group of people to build pontoon bridges across the river, Chen Xing and He Man points troops to other cities to continue to coerce the people, at the same time sent a message to changan, let changan as soon as possible to make a plan, after all, although not as densely populated as nanyang, hanoi is also a fertile place, calculate down, there are more than three hundred thousand people, before the placement of nanyang people delimited the city is some not enough."Elder brother, it's not good to kill and drop! And shouldn't I be chasing down the old thief of Han Sui at this moment?" Ma dai sit horse seems to can't stand d body sent out of the murderous atmosphere, can't help back two steps, ma dai bitter way.

"No chicken, no dog!""Liang Hsing!" D red eyes staring at the defenders of the city wall, roared: "One day, I will put you up and down the door, all live cut! If you break this oath, it will be so arrow!""First in the countryside, not too advanced knowledge, just need to teach young children to read and write for three years, and then qualified, can enter the county institutions of learning, if you can learn, then set up a county school, by some big Confucianism, county school graduate, can come to changan to participate in the examination, if you can pass, then go to the local practice. Lyu3 bu4 laughed, this is probably to imitate later generations of the education system, first primary school, then secondary school, university.用婴儿作掩护运毒




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