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宝贝太大要涨坏了|帮兴Hedong, ma chao dayin."Thunk ~""Wow ~"

Mace in the hands of the constant wave, with a burst of strange noise, wu dang lang said with a smile: "listen to the old thing, the person who killed you is the general wu dang!""Big brother trust, little younger brother this lead a person to intercept them! It's just... "CAI zhong hesitated for a moment and looked at CAI MAO." the sovereign has sent liu pan to meet the emissary of lu bu.宝贝太大要涨坏了|"Lord, please send someone to cao cao for help!" Judge anxiously.

宝贝太大要涨坏了|Liu bei, guan yu suddenly a pair of phoenix eye narrowed into a thin seam, cold stare at the back of CAI, the are back for CAI suddenly a shuddering, subconsciously turned to look, but see a red face big fellow stared at him coldly, let CAI suddenly surprised out in a cold sweat, pretended to calm no longer see the guan yu, walk away.Well, that doesn't sound like a bad thing.Xu chang, cao fu.

Zhang he, one of the two main factions under yuan shao's command, is one of the hebei factions. He has been fighting infighting for a long time."Good, some go to pick up mother." Yuan shang nodded and went back to meet liu and yuan's family.宝贝太大要涨坏了|




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