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阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|一号食品"Dang ~"For many people, this is an outrageous thing, because since the Han Gaozu period has set a different surname can't seal the king, lyu3 bu4 is not han clan, who is qualified to seal the king?Two people stared at each other, in pang tong and zhuge liang urged, each alert each other at the same time, slowly back.

"What shall we do then?" Zhang fei looked blankly at zhuge liang."This..." Liu Xiewen speech, can't help but smother, that is to say, the loss, he can only eat, not only did not exchange for any benefits, finally also fell a no, looked at cao cao that look like an idiot, Liu Xie only feel difficult to sit."Then shoot me in the woods, until the arrow shines!" Was YanYan provoked several times, wei yan heart also some anger, but it happened that there was no way, the other side of the word is not to run to the mountains of rogue play really put him in a difficult position.阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|"Master, lyu3 bu4 king, I'm afraid the next is to crusade against the central plains." After into SiKongFu, xun yu frown at cao cao.

阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|"In fact, qin or jin, but is a code name, but you all fight for, or the glory of history, master if there is no special requirement, let them fight is, to the final decision, if you can't give the answer, then master to make a choice." Giffin smiled and said: "Of course, if the master has other requirements, you can also tell everyone.""Is there going to be an accident?" Xie Cheng looked anxiously at Ma Su.

"Let Sze-won get the headache." Wei shook his head, Mountain road, the two sides can formally open is to consider sending a small elite troops around the past, but to really break into jiangzhou, also have to rely on the frontal battlefield confrontation, as long as break DianJiang, according to the map, although across DianJiang, there are many hills, but at least not the main Daba mountain, fighting will be much easier than now.Originally Guan Yu in the arrow, angry, driven by anger, Squeeze out the potential of the whole body, even cut two knives, tardif frightened back, but also do their best, almost directly soft fall to the ground, if not for face, and afraid tardif back, guan yu how can miss this rare broken city, back to camp at the moment, around only Xing Daorong a person, a loose heart, is no longer able to raise any strength.Sun quan looked at zhang zhao, eyes flashed complex look, from lv meng against jiangxia, sun quan has moved to destroy liu bei, then with cao cao alliance, against lyu3 bu4's mind, and this time, if lyu3 bu4 intervene, regardless of victory or defeat, but jiangdong, I'm afraid will be lyu3 bu4 seize the opportunity to penetrate, sun's position in jiangdong, will be shaken by lyu3 bu4.阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|




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