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张晓兰背景|感应门维修"Fujimori shield light, but tough unusual, but can report the shield effect to the master, to the army." For dianjiang situation, pang tong didn't have too much worry, as zhuge liang worried, pang tong after looking at the surrounding terrain, the conclusion is similar, stormed, even if hundreds of troops, the other side just need to keep the pass, pang tong also can't."Guns and horses are very skillful, and martial arts are not under general yan yan." Shu will reply.Although the king has not yet been formally ordained, But lyu3 bu4 forces from top to bottom, there was an inexplicable excitement, In a sense, Lyu3 bu4 seal king, would be independent of the court, It's a system of its own, Following lyu3 bu4, Most belong to the humble origin, the sense of belonging to the court is not too strong, coupled with the chaotic times, the world trend, over the years, the remnants of the han also almost dissipated, many people's minds, nature has become part of the plan from the minister of dragon, in the current world trend, lyu3 bu4 is clearly the most likely to win the 95 throne governors.

"Put it away!" With the men will be direction debugging, pound commanded, fifteen crossbow at the same time, as thick as a child's arm arrows break out of the air, two hundred steps away as if there is no general, instantly."Really? It seems that you have not learned the lesson of the last two times, you bastard!" Wei yan sneer at 1, behind fifty guanzhong elite body immediately sent out a dangerous smell.Four guardsmen crashed into the secretariat office with a clump of thick logs in their arms.张晓兰背景|Danyang, tracing the cause of camp, tracing the cause has been rectified, ready to rushed to the tune, but received tardif, He Qi back to the news of defeat, although prepared for a long time, but also didn't expect two people will be defeated so quickly.

张晓兰背景|Zhang Fei: "…"Don't forget, Shu people are good at shooting, Is played out in the mountains, and the guanzhong army crossbow arrow is more exquisite group attack, don't care about the head, if wei yan really confident burst in, I'm afraid the result is just yan yan pressure, as a general led the troops, wei yan nature will not make this kind of take their own short board to fight with people's parents."Sit down!" Xie Cheng discontented glanced at his nephew, cold hum a track.

Watching the weapons of wu guan stubble after stubble of change, every day can only shoot targets, occasionally there is an enemy, or a counseling package, a random arrow down on the rest of the dish."Men, meritorious service is today, with me to kill!" Tardif and zhou taihe soldiers, at the same time launched an attack on the city, before Xing Daorong arrangement of the line of defense was easily washed away.张晓兰背景|




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