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扑克haobc|智能楼宇师挂靠"Master, big ah!" Xu togeher smugly took out the letter from his arms, dedicated to lombardi."I agree." Ke sin and go to jin stop suddenly nodded, their two tribes are far away, is not too worried, but the success or failure of the attack on the king's court, two people also chose to agree."Go quickly." Step root although feel his guess some absurd, but at this time, begging fu tribal rear emptiness is a fact, to temuzhen this period of time to show the madness, not necessarily impossible, if that is the case, regardless of success or failure, this guy is absolutely insane! Xianbei king's court is the need for such a madman to join.

"And one more thing." Lyu3 bu4 looked at some nervous ginger xu, "We don't lack money, now that the Western Regions have been opened up, the Silk Road has been reopened, a large number of traders from the Western Regions, I'm afraid the benefits Bo Yi can't imagine, the future official's salary will rise, punishment will also increase, in the future as an official side, also remember, you are my door out of the people, the ability not to say, but this is a taboo, once there, heavy punishment!""Death?" Lyu3 bu4 finally stood up, The whole satrap mansion, Everybody felt their chests smothered, A group of county soldiers watched lyu3 bu4 striding toward patronage, One step, two steps, Three steps, each step, As if all step on everyone's chest, let a person unbearable, the body more like don't listen to the general, just a person forward, but this moment, but give a face to the feeling of thousands of troops, as if they are not facing a person, but swept up the thousands of troops, many people instinctively with lyu3 bu4 steps out of step.扑克haobc|"Save the Black Wolf tribe first." Stephen quickly made a choice, save must be saved, the Black Wolf tribe closer to here.

扑克haobc|"So..." Giffin looked at lyu3 bu4, frown way: "There is a dangerous move!""Nothing." Jiang xu shook his head, looked at his brother, smiled and said: "salary will rise, do a good job.""On the contrary." See at no meaning to speak, the country handed a bamboo note to cao cao, shook his head and sighed: "lyu3 bu4's poem, this poem, the central plains celebrities have no color!"

"Lombardi, lost!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at giffin, smiled and said: "don't ask me how to know the news, but lombardi really lost, we must rob before lombardi back to the army, break the wild goose gate, bing!"Lombardi looked at xu togeher to leave the direction, shook his head: "it needn't say, just lyu3 bu4, I have in bing sixty thousand military forces, don't also can't he?"When Ule took his life, Began to command the military forces, mighty direction to the king's court, and lyu3 bu4, with the army northward, the news here should soon be sent to kirby can there, their previous arrangements, also should play a role, next, is to provoke murong gui, TaBaJi powder and kirby can antagonism, and then unite them, pick up kirby can together.扑克haobc|




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