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黄 小说|育波挺"No." Marotta see the crowd's way: "my master lu bu, early in the Great Wall, a fly will destroy the house of hate with the huns, xianbei, but his life the most hated person, but not the families, but the people of collaborationist, burn out qiang help Korea hence against our army, is a private grievance, my master is unlikely to pursue, but burn when helping huns destroyed qiang han people, but my master must not be tolerated."Ma chao is in wander after a circle, find Wolf qiang's army, 1 pull up a Wolf qiang general, know well ask of drink a way: "your king?"I don't know why the Lord has singled out you monkey cubs. But since you are selected by the Lord, you must become the best soldiers in the whole world as you are riding the elite troops of the general's house. Don't embarrass me by his mother!" Zhou cang was carrying a large sword, and his voice was so loud that it made my ears ring.

"What do you mean by filial piety?" Cheng yu looks at guo jia and frowns: "feng xiao means that lu bu will hibernate here?""Is Mr. Gong tai testing to teach me?" Pang tong slouched in his chair and glanced sideways at li ru, sneering.< / p > < p > looking at lv lingqi icy eyes, wen bing only feel chest a suffocating, but he had the idea of looking down before, this gun is also used five points of force, at the moment just realized that the woman not only cunning such as fox, the ability is not worse than himself, at the moment put up the heart of looking down, with lv lingqi killed in a place.黄 小说|This time is the peddler side price pressure too cruel, plus some discrimination in the language, caused the dissatisfaction of the qiang people, from the beginning of the quarrel developed to later start, the result made a life.

黄 小说|"Pang tong, pang shiyuan? Looking at the ugly eyes of the fresh and refined man, lu bu smiled, he can guarantee that he absolutely did not because of the appearance of the reason and have any contempt."Don't worry, general. Listen to me." Kunduz priest whispered: "I just know there from the han Chinese, they ready to han Chinese generals to back tomorrow, we will secretly tell you that tomorrow if someone asks who the han sui's generals, everyone say is you, when the time comes han generals will be summoned you, no matter what they say, you have promised to down, don't be angry, and han people will let you go.""What's that look?" Keats frowns: "mo see my young lady is a woman, but a martial arts, deep general true biography, what jingzhou generals are defeated in my young lady's hands."

"A han army attacked the city, daru defied the enemy to fight in kaesong, and the han people killed him and threw away his helmet and armor. Daru was killed in battle, and the people who founded the army died and fell down. Now the old camp has become a place for the han people." Tanu said hysterically.Ruthlessly curse the commander in chief of each other in the heart, dostie high lifted his right arm at the same time, the distance, is no longer fit to running line, han people trapped horse pit, for these are good at Ma Zhan huns, is a disaster, it greatly limit limits the Ma Zhan on this land, and made simple, anyone strong legs, can be produced.The previous generation started from scratch, all the way out, brave, forge ahead, but also often easy to ignore a lot of things, such as the family.黄 小说|




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