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凤飞飞儿子|开游戏厅的手续Lyu3 bu4 big break xianbei, Feng Langjuxu, not only to a large extent, At the same time, also after this battle, got a lot of west cool haughty clan approbation, For some time now, Have Jiang Xu, Yang Fu, Zhao Ang, Wei Kang, Yan Wen, Yin Feng and other Yongliang celebrities recommended themselves, These people are famous people in Xiliang, but born into a powerful or distinguished family, Belonging to the outskirts of the family, But anyway, These people came into play one after another, Is also the west cool these big families on lyu3 bu4 a recognition, After all, the arrival of lyu3 bu4, the end of harmony and cool place war chaos, and governance is quite effective, most importantly, with the name of the wolf ju xu, champions hou added to lyu3 bu4 head, plus lyu3 bu4 its own strength and power, has completely qualified for a party governors.Conspiracy, this thing is from the beginning of the conspiracy against the king's court, the five major tribes, even the furthest Kirby can all arrived, then the other three tribes?"At the end of the day!" D smell speech exultation, step forward respectfully took the arrow.

Zhang embroidery looked at lyu3 bu4, this moment, lyu3 bu4 has begun to some worship, suppress the excitement of the heart, fuels to lyu3 bu4: "master this poem, call the central plains scholars ashamed to death, I do not know what is the name of this poem?""Master, what happened? Why rashly move troops?" Giffin to lyu3 bu4 bow way.Cao cao realized his own way in his later years, so with meng de's new book, lyu3 bu4 guessed that the new word, is the core of cao cao's thought, but, by zhang song that defeated the ghost of ugliness, the masterpiece did not survive.凤飞飞儿子|"Kill!" YuanMen slowly opened the moment, lyu3 bu4 eyes in the light of a flash, raised the bow, a high cry of anger, five thousand troops began to charge toward YuanMen.

凤飞飞儿子|As for why kui head to kill his own brother, this kind of thing, in the prairie is too common, in order to khan, brother mutilation is very common, the huns tribe patriarch call hutch springs is not also killed at that time or ZuoXianWang brother in fu Luo, successfully ascended to the throne of the huns khan?Shaking his head, Giffin frowned and said, "The battle of Yuan and Cao is not yet clear. Our army can't get involved.""Really?" Lyu3 bu4 licked dry tongue: "A little taste."

Cao Cao-wen said, glancing inadvertently across the country, but seeing that the country was slightly imperceptible, nodded his head and said, "What Gongda said is very good."Today's lyu3 bu4, has not come to the state of cao cao, but he was used to the sword in previous lives, because in such a competitive age, don't take the strange road, want to be 30 years old, with grass-roots origin, is almost impossible.Lie in bed zhang he finally put down his mind, slept in the past, such as repeatedly, the city garrison even with the night garrison also no longer take this matter seriously, the time of the night, so in the intermittent drums and gongs.凤飞飞儿子|




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