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首批战机正式交付泰国黑桑果怎么样"Click ~ bang ~"Body forces began to erosion, lyu3 bu4 knew this wonderful state has almost disappeared, hammering, without that break through the limits of the human body physical strength, even if you take the bad, will also be jun consumption to death, but at the moment, he has no fear, watching xu chu drop hammer, body microvolt, party day lance tilted at a strange Angle with the ground, in the sun, black shone with a strange ji feng.Line not long, look back, but see the flag bearer has been ma chao catch up with a shot to kill, heart can not help but secretly glad.

"The three character scriptures have spread in the yongliang area and are rapidly spreading to the remote hebei area. Within ten years, chang 'an will not only become the most prosperous capital in the world, but also be the place where wenfeng reaches his peak. The hussar rides the mansion in, lyu3 bu4 welcomed the Yang fu that returns from luoyang however.Gao shun nodded, this period of time, he also used a lot of methods, but water war than land, this is not gao shun is good at the field, a few fierce fighting, lost a lot of hands, even the battle camp himself also failed to grab a base, unable to establish a firm foothold on the other side, water war, who enter the water who suffer."Well!" Three people smell speech, hurriedly lead life but go.首批战机正式交付A group of female soldiers chest suppressed a force, just want to fight back to this face.

首批战机正式交付"The emperor's uncle?" CAI MAO wrinkled frown, now the world chaos, han dynasty decay, the imperial uncle not much, jingzhou seems to have only liu biao a royal recognition of the imperial uncle, this suddenly to the imperial uncle is from what place jumped out?Gao shun also did not continue to attack, but ordered the army with a giant crossbow to return to luoyang."No!

Lv lingqi stood behind Yang fu, with her xiuluo mask, today this occasion, CAI MAO here she really not bright identity, originally zhaoyun suffer, want to support, sound source zhaoyun, now see Yang fu town live scene, no longer more.A great hum filled the sky and earth for an instant. Thirty-three giant arrows almost instantly crossed a distance of four hundred paces and crashed into the wooden wall of the jingzhou army battalion.首批战机正式交付




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