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靳东老婆|正大不老"Have to find a way to support general gao." Chen xing inspected the city wall, across the distance looking at the candidate camp, he can probably figure out what the candidate play abacus, it is for this reason, just gave birth to the idea of supporting seibel....D can become five tiger general in the future, can be more than rude so simple, led the troops to war also have a set, west cool army under his command, morale was a little bit encouraged, and the offensive also see crazy fierce.

Yang Wang sighed, looked at his daughter, softly said: "The north palace from the north palace is the son of the north palace jade, quite famous among the broken qiang, and very brave, white water twelve qiang warriors, no one is his opponent, if the daughter wants, but also my son good match.""What's the point?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned, looked at the giffin way."Master, this is one of the twelve haoshuai baishui qiang, han name is yang wang." Giffin introduced lyu3 bu4, slightly imperceptible nodded to lyu3 bu4.靳东老婆|"Jia has a plan to show my sincerity without ruin that strength of our army," laughed the countrys gaze.

靳东老婆|"Master rest assured, at the end of the will certainly have a litter of cubs, master in the future to fight against the enemy!" Han De face red, hey hey naive smile way."Back to the tetrarch, has not yet found out the whereabouts of xuande liu, but the zhang fei occupied a small city in the border of yu state, banished the magistrate, recruiting all day, quite disturbing points." Freeze smiled."Yes." Jun hou nodded, lyu3 bu4 words again, the huns face finally relaxed a lot.

Smoke billowing, leading to Mei county road, Pound on horseback to catch up with d, sink a track."The general is careful." Zhong yao nodded heavily, this time, also regardless of what courtesy, hurriedly took the military forces, toward the direction of xinfeng kill."Though it is far away, it must be put to death!"靳东老婆|




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