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燕赵十绝求购不锈钢水箱Individual talents: halberd and arrowPlay the bandit nature is not lv bu is on the rise temporarily, the bandit of yong cool land can have essential distinction with the bandit of central plains area, the bandit here, it is the west cool army in those days more, had seen blood on the battlefield, some still know the kind of bit of tactics of war even, not big trouble, but also be a cancer of public order however."Go!" Turned a head to see a glance han meng's direction, lu bu re back the square day painting halter, shake shake because of too much force some sour swelling arm, continue to walk to the city, behind, 500 soldiers silently with, across han meng remain kneeling on the ground unappealingly dead body.

At least now, burning qiang in qiang people is still a big, even after lyu3 bu2 in charge of the west cool, to burn the qiang is to appease.So han sui had to go. As for where to go...When lombardi with sun hae-chan, white horse from righteousness is almost invincible, dozen of lombardi's door, hebei north almost all fall, that was when the JuYi's camp in JieQiao frustration before sun hae-chan, white horse righteousness from after the first world war, almost exist in name only, for the first world war corner, make lombardi spent not only try to jizhou, take you state as more, drove sun hae-chan die set himself on fire.燕赵十绝"Don't worry, general." After shaking his head for a moment, li ru looked at zhang liao and said, "general nuo sent someone to send me to see this aguri. After meeting this man, it will be not too late."

燕赵十绝< / p > < p > liu bao heart some fear, han people's sinister and cunning last year has seen a time, and the fierce lv bu on the battlefield, but also let liu bao dozen from the bottom of my heart, some fear of lv bu, what's more, the huns were not good at attacking the city, meet the han people good defense, really may not be able to win.Not in the north, I did not know hu's invasion. Especially in these years, with the decline of the han dynasty, the huns gradually expanded, and the raids of the huns from year to year became more and more arrogant. With lv bu's attack, at least the people in xiliang and bingzhou would not worry about the invasion of the huns in the next few years.After the first world war, lyu3 bu4 prior position of zero qiang has been steady, hetao, almost all outside of the huns all tribes were integrated in lyu3 bu4 annexation, only the huns and Qin Hu, don't say what race, but with the current situation, the huns is still one of the strongest, even the weak against the strong this truth, dostie can understand, lyu3 bu4, why not from public to private, the battle is hard to avoid, so his must be before the two together, lyu3 bu4 to destroy.

"Shout ~""You ugly devil, mean to beat!" Escort head as the culprit that will ugly ghost throws out, nature is the object that is taken care of by priority, those who be scolded is almost depressed, the fist that become angry from embarrassment hits come over."Then let them go after them, whether they want soldiers or food. If they can't catch up, they can't blame us." Li ru smiled and said, at present, the overall situation is here, han sui is now the moss of the smoke, no matter how he has courage, but collude xiongnu people poison xiliang, xiliang reputation is completely destroyed, even if the salted fish turned back, will only be seen as foreigners.燕赵十绝




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