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地铁概念股解放小卡报价But he promised tracing the cause, at least also want to give him ten days, so he must do everything possible to stop guan yu jingzhou army here at least ten days.Ma Su smell speech, face can not help but some ugly, the original oneself from beginning to end, is singing a one-man show, in the eyes of others, the so-called secret is just like a naked girl, to see a clear, ridiculous oneself still hopping there, but in the eyes of others like a clown.Tardif struggled to raise the halberd to meet, only listen to the crisp sound of the bell, crescent halberd off rather than, tardif frightened, saw Xing Daorong rushed from the side, where dare to fight again, also regardless of to pick up their weapons, turned the horse's head and ran.

Without the slightest hesitation, haven't wait for Xie Yun these QinWei start, around already waiting in the side of the guanzhong elite at the same time to crossbow shooting, Xie Yun QinWei haven't had time to start, was shot down."Tracing the cause of general has assembled fifty thousand troops stationed in danyang, soon to, you and I and first bitter for a few days." Tardif comforted."Here!" Pan Zhang He Qi commanded, began to collect the weapons of surrender.地铁概念股"Oh ~" Wei Yan put on armor, took the sword sent up by QinWei, sneer at a way: "Then let me see, that Zhuge Liang out of the archery to break my array! Point out of the camp!"

地铁概念股"Scholar Yuan, you are also an apprentice of Confucianism. How would you feel if you knew what you said today?" Zhuge liang shook his head and sighed."Die!""No!" YanYan see wei troops don't advance back, then understand wei's plan, secretly scold wei cunning, hurriedly drink to stop the soldiers chasing, chasing down, is equal to be used as a target by the other side, so chasing down, I'm afraid not to close, the morale of the military forces will have to collapse.

If two because of jiangdong belong to dispute again, that is basically over, now facing the huge pressure of lyu3 bu4, only sincere cooperation, it is possible to carry lyu3 bu4 attack in the next year's battle."What is the governor saying?" On one side of the He Qi some unknown, puzzled look to lu su."Here!" Zhang Renwen speech, hand led the way.地铁概念股




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