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中岛结华|麒翔木枣口服液"Lord, this is the order of general gaoshun, and we hope to enlarge the number of captured battalions. The specific plan is to keep a regular army of 800, just like the hussars' battalion of the Lord. Xu shu handed a note to lu bu.More and more as the damage of the crossbow, both sides of the proportion of casualties in the shrinking, seibel's most elite has not been dispatched from the front camp, cao cao as a victory in the use of human life, seibel don't believe, cao cao army of three hundred thousand to be able to fight until the last a single soldier didn't collapse, lead camp cannot consume in this meaningless loss, now although difficult, but still haven't got to lead to camp.Night, everyone was asleep, but not zhou yu, he couldn't sleep, or spirit is too high, the wars, and his plan for seven years, in such an opportunity, such as world war I had chance to jingzhou, original Cai Liu strive for originally is zhou yu's opportunity to benefit from, unfortunately, his mistake, the emergence of zhuge liang, will break his plan, bloodless, won the jingzhou to zhou yu's plan of flowing water.

"Commander, the last commander... "Lv meng was completely sober at the moment. Seeing that zhou yu looked ugly, he shook his head and said," at the end, you will just talk carelessly."General, the other side is sending a strange chariot. Our broken crossbows cannot penetrate the enemy's defenses." The flag officer looked at gao shun.As cao cao commanded, rushed ahead array wasn't attacked two bianconeri qiqi relieved, immediately began to retreat, xh also with a crossbow troops pulled out of the range, measure and xh want to 'criticisms of gas, the other the single-shot crossbow range, for more than three hundred and thirty steps, his wisdom command five thousand equipped with shield hand, so soon, is the other half out.中岛结华|"Shoot arrows! Almost instantaneously, the warriors who emerged from beneath their wooden armor were engulfed by a thousand arrows.

中岛结华|He waved his hand and said, "order the troops to withdraw from the area of the crossbow, shield car attack! Bed crossbow shooting, shield the car was out in the army, at the same time, the three hundred bed crossbow line, also follow after shield car, the crossbow modified bed, able to penetrate more than five hundred steps, although the range than the other side of that kind of arbalest difference on some, but have a shield cover of car, can also play a role, at least it should be broken the shield wall.""Feint?"Kongming, this... "Zhang fei looked at these even in the face of death are not afraid of jiangdong man, but at the moment a burst into tears, moved the snake spear, finally did not start, some difficult to look at zhuge liang.

"The cavalry will not be sent to you for the time being. < / p > < p > lu bu nodded a promise, now zhaoyun, ma chao is still in jizhou, together with zhang liao to hold down a lot of cao cao's forces, the north palace from the tiger roar battalion responsible for the defense of luoyang, can not move, as for the hussars camp, that is lu bu's pro-guard, and with the hussars camp won, pound is not happy."This is the brother of jiaozhou pastor xie, shi one!" Cao cao led to the last humane."Gentlemen, the war is urgent, so cao will go back to xingyang to preside over the war." Cao cao stood up and announced to the crowd, "please help yourself."中岛结华|




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