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兴宁haobc vip|快速租赁网However burn when Lao wang know the return of a guli is pleasantly surprised, yesterday heard that a guli was captured by the han army, burned when Lao wang but heartache, but a guli his most trusted general, did not expect, a guli unexpectedly came back, after getting the news, hurriedly let people will be a guli.< / p > < p > looking at the wenpin has run far figure, lu lingqi humming a: "we go!"

Wen hired was unprepared for these women showed a literacy, Addis around the circle take people put arrows, under these girl riding and shooting skill is not home yet, put a few bye arrows, but Addis riding and shooting skill but kill out of practice, a dozen ducale are almost all Addis one, in the end, only hire a below, blasted surrounded by a group of women.Front lu bu obviously also saw the flag here, the speed gradually slowed down, a moment, ma chao three people have appeared in front of lu bu, to lu bu."What else can we do? Give me to look for Wolf qiang and first zero qiang chief, lu bu came, I slaughter each end, they or not!" The king of each slaughterhouse was angry and said, "although he was ill-tempered, his eyes were quite fierce among the leaders of the various clans. This time, lv bu came back, but his attitude was definitely not to fight and leave.兴宁haobc vip|"My Lord, the garrison in the city has been cleared by our army. < / p > < p > ma chao pound joined lu bu, this battle, basically no suspense, the main force of the slaughter of everyone was transferred to the side of lu bu, two people after the city, they quickly occupied the important place, as long as the city people appear in the street, will be shot immediately.

兴宁haobc vip|Pang tong is helpless, want to rebel, but he is a teacher of the law, although know some skill to strike skill, but defend oneself to still go, meet these women that are engaged in assassinate technically, also can only strange surrender, not for a while was bound hands and feet, hired with the text became a pair of fellow brothers.

Jia xu smile, nature is not to help so simple, this is equivalent to zero qiang first recognized the leadership of lu bu, and willing to accept the command of lu bu."Gong da, willing to gamble concede defeat, today I move to your side live how?" Guo jia looked at xun you with a smile."Ah." Pang tong laughed, turned his head and glanced at four female soldiers, raised his head and pointed his nose hair at the waiter: "this chang 'an is a capital of several dynasties. I think your restaurant is quite elegant in this street, but you don't even have tea?"兴宁haobc vip|




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