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神弹宫福建艺术职业学院"Acquaintance? Xu sheng slightly frown, the scouts but from the original lv bu in runan time with his side, now responsible for scouts detection, he said the acquaintance, but......"Alas!" Zhang fei mercilessly waved his arms, venting the depressed spirit in his heart."They are given straw and fodder. What shall we eat?" Zhang fei discontented way.

..."Gao shun admires the master's ingenious plan." Gao shun turned his head and looked at pang tong.And tracing the cause is keen found that here, even some maid, is carried by walking, but messengers to the maid whose native language is quite polite, although is a maid, but it is clear that the maid's temperament is definitely not the central land can be cultivated, with a faint pride and confidence, in the central plains, and only daughter, miss body will have that kind of confidence.神弹宫Guan yu did not seem to feel liu bei's silence. He looked at the sky and murmured, "lv bu still has tiger power, but young generals emerge one after another under its account, such as ma chao, pound, wei yan and xu sheng... Today a small general, even dare to my hand, seriously...... "

神弹宫During the war of unification last year, lu bu's main force suffered almost no casualties, but almost all of the tens of thousands of slaves he led died on the battlefield.Hejian, gaoyang."Miss Keats." See embedded to a few woman, zhou cang hurriedly win up, these things come from hua tuo door woman doctor, be lyu3 bu4 were in charge of the camp of owl body, the girls had a title of generals in ancient times when training camp, but no less with these girls take care of, now see, again even holds, zhou cang sea these people also will these female medical officer as relatives came to see.

"General, don't run. Zhang liao didn't catch up." One will rush to the side of the high dry, breathing.Lv bu and sun jian are contemporary figures? How come, though quite dignified, he was younger than sun quan, and it was almost impossible to believe that he was nearly half a hundred years old (liu bei was now forty-six, and lu bu was a little older than him), except for the occasional sense of change and maturity in his look.After a look at zhaoyun, gao shun stood up and said, "a few people have a hard time in the boat. Let's rest for a night.神弹宫




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