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家有公婆剧情介绍|195线材"Yes." Korea hence nodded, "Wang Ting and the five big tribes have become a fire and water trend, incompatible, if the five tribes break the king 's court, Middle East two Xianbei will be reintegrated, Then want to break the king's court is difficult, at this time is the best time, must take advantage of the king's court with the five tribes, destroy the king's court, qian man push khan, then, the patriarch can use qian man's name, exclude dissidents, step by step to recover the rights of each department, less than three years, can force qian man to give up khan, by the patriarch to replace."Yes, defeated!" Falling in grant leisurely sigh, compared to zhang he incredible, falling in grant before the expected loss of lombardi, at the moment is not too much surprise, just bitter way: "brother yuan hao, life!"Far away, scouts can't reach the darkness, at the moment is the horse head, tens of thousands of horses under the control of five thousand soldiers, in the night, barely maintain the formation.

Coss smell speech, flushed, anger hum 1: "our army is far from tired, not durable war, let you have a city today, not with you, the next day to find your bad luck!"Crossbow!A series of stuffy sound, hussars eyes wide open, more than a dozen knife and gun will stab his chest bloodstained, has no rest, eyes or fierce stare into the sky, around him, four or five were amputated feet of reinforcements sent out a shriek of heartbreaking screaming in place, blood like a fountain gushed from the fracture.家有公婆剧情介绍|"Where is Temujin now?" Qui-head smell speech picked up eyebrows, twist a head to ask: "He knows this matter?"

家有公婆剧情介绍|"That's all!" Zhang he nodded, although some passive, but now, it is difficult to think of too many ways to defeat the enemy.Choose a cavalry with the largest number of people, lyu3 bu4 with the remnant of three hundred moon people from riding, far behind, also not in a hurry to kill the enemy, just put arrows from time to time, or rushed directly up to the other party just gathered formation scattered.Today's lyu3 bu4, has not come to the state of cao cao, but he was used to the sword in previous lives, because in such a competitive age, don't take the strange road, want to be 30 years old, with grass-roots origin, is almost impossible.

Changan academy those who were lyu3 bu4 from the civil selection, sent to further education, next February will learn to full official, but now, has been carved up.Cao cao's eyes flashed a touch of displeasure, the eyes of the country and others also show discontent, cao cao helplessly smiled and said: "I had ordered the filial piety to occupy tiger prison, but was lyu3 bu4 preemptive step, life wei yan occupied luoyang, in tiger prison shut down with the filial piety of the first world war, filial piety is not ready, wei yan, now station troops in meng jin, and wei yan confrontation."Then Addis turned her head to Zhao Yun and said with a slight blessing, "From today on, I will not ask about the military, but I also ask my husband to forgive me. Addis will never reveal any of my father's secrets."家有公婆剧情介绍|





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