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魅力研习社百度影音|大连emsSee right against the face come a jun alert, shield and grabbed the shield, with the strength of a pull back, can't shield hand hard, roared pulled out of the walls, and the two of them fell off the wall, while followed by jun, was two spear pierced the body directly, but not when they recover the spear, a jun blunt come up, a hand holding a spear, borrows the tiger roar came down, in the hands of a machete directly cut off the other side of the head, the eyebrows were a crossbow arrow was shot through.If gao shun could be defeated, cao cao thought it would be worth it, but in fact, gao shun's loss was only a little more than 2,000, with a loss ratio of 10 times. If calculated according to this ratio, lu bu would only need to spend 30,000 yuan to exhaust his 300,000 troops.Seibel crossbow of the shield to continue watching cars and bed, with a snort of cold, broken crossbows, though not like the ares crossbow trouble, but the loading was slower than ordinary bolt, fill in time, and adjust the bearing time, each other enough to reach the step distance, looked at the car, seibel sneer at 1, cao cao in recent years, there is no less research tactics on how to break their military forces.

Zhuge liang's plan was completely messed up by zhou yu.Although there is no evidence, but ford know, this group of women is at the outset that set off a wave of assassinations hot, make countless cao jun wenwu chilling assassin, ford did not think, lv bu also mixed in this matter.Pike, along the singular arc to huang zhong chest, regardless of the strength, speed and Angle, are enough to prove that, the son of a martial arts have quite unfinished, Cao Liu around the camp, but there is no lack of masters, only look at the gun, to see the child martial arts well, perhaps than the sun ce, but also not bad.魅力研习社百度影音|"Kongming, the army is ready. When shall we leave for shu?" Zhang flew to come in, some complain that the watch to zhuge liang, zhuge liang said, however, such as dry dead zhou yu shu in logging, and now all of this in the past two days, zhuge liang was delayed start, the battle anxiety has made zhang fei, zhou yu the battle, to play more, less really is nothing, but in the end, as the end of the week yu, also let zhang fei heart like a boulder blocked, very uncomfortable, no victory should have a sense of accomplishment.

魅力研习社百度影音|"Do you know why?" Zhou yu looked at lu xun and smiled."Commander, what to do?" A general forward, bitter look at zhou yu, fog with the appearance of the sun, is rapidly dissipating, has not much time to give them."Well!"

Especially at this time, men will hoard of hay, particularly the que shut the war, the army of the gung-ho soldiers and this time, if the week yu can take in hukou, that liu bei that hundreds of army is out, and stay in JingXiang army of thousands, halved, too, of course, the premise is zhou yu to preempt the hukou, as for, there is no need, zhou yu will send liu bei a fire, will he read want to thoroughly to broken, and then, taking the advantage of the guanzhong military forces have no reaction to come over, JingXiang rapidly occupation, and then fold the JingXiang this, for no reason will have two hundred thousand troops, Zhou Yusan points in the program is half finished."Collect zhou yu and the remains of these warriors and bury them together. Send them to chai sang." Zhuge liang sighed and ordered."For a Chinese name? What about the allied forces?" Xia houyuan swallowed oral water, see xunyou.魅力研习社百度影音|




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