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张艺谋女儿写诗|空心铜针"Soldiers, do not be that day by the army looked down upon, shield, with me to kill in!" < / p > < p > small school excitedly brandished a long gun, as a temporary call to come over the local army, even without formal establishment, this rare with the day corps battle, he naturally hope to be able to establish some achievements, leave the county that place, join the regular army.< / p > < p > four or five chong cheng car was pushed over, a team of cao jun began to charge zhang liao's direction with a shield.

This has to say the competition between chang 'an five."Wouldn't all that be wasted?" Wei yan said with a black face."He's my heir. There's something he can't get away from." Lv bu turns head, gently hug sable cicada: "we want to do, is to teach him how to face, not blindly protect, at least, in my side, he will not be dangerous, but people can't rely on their parents all their lives, isn't it?"张艺谋女儿写诗|When it was completely dark, pang tong led a large army into the pass, and yangping pass was completely occupied. It also represented that the gate of hanzhong was completely opened. Outside yangping pass, there was the hanzhong plain.

张艺谋女儿写诗|Liu bei is not, after all, lyu3 bu4, reputation, and family support for lyu3 bu4, can abandon like dirt, because even lyu3 bu4 had wanted, family also won't support him, will only laugh and play with family. It is like at the beginning of xuzhou Chen family, and for liu bei, these things are too important, that a set of in nanyang is feasible, but it definitely won't work in jingzhou, even if is not a copy, to a large extent, liu bei is still maintained the respect and focus on family, but this is planted."The barbarians of the foreign countries have probably taken this place for a whoring house." Chen qun's face was cold and somewhat displeased. The emissaries of baiji were servile in the temple yesterday."Well!" The people will hear speech bow lead life, retreat to the zhangshui bank village.

ChengTou garrison had no preparation, arrows rain poured a ruthless, not an arrow in the soldiers could rejoice, the second wave, the third wave of arrows rain followed, shrieks instant diffuses over the whole wall, timely analytically by Yang Bo, etc when britons looked up, only a scalp pins and needles, but see over the wall, in addition to a few and they hid themselves in the soldiers survived under the battlements, the whole wall at the moment was almost empty, the other side of the bolt were so horrible."Even if our army had an absolute advantage over cao cao, it would take five years to digest the central plains." Zhongyuan family all over the world, however, even if lyu3 bu4 occupied the central plains, there is also a hard hit, destroy cao cao is easy, but to lu bu in the guanzhong policy implement step by step, not only by the iron fist to suppress, so it is difficult to digest cao cao's territory, and this five years, liu2 bei4 will shu in the annex, enough to know, liu2 bei4 but now too much powerful than history, the whole jingzhou, now in addition to xiangyang city, has done all belong to the liu bei, lyu3 bu4 if at this time will be a lot of time consumption in digesting the central plains, when lu bu to again, I'm afraid liu2 bei4 also completed the integration of jingzhou and shu.Two short arrows into his body, but did not as before general stab the key, nighthawk pulled out a short sword, backhand stab into the chest of shi a, however shi a sword but strange bypass nighthawk, straight stab lv bu throat.张艺谋女儿写诗|




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