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博罗平安中学金维宝养生机"Boom ~" secretariat office Zhu Hongqi door opened, four guardhouse pull not, directly holding the impact of wood rushed in, tripped over the threshold, rolling gourd rolled into a piece.In fact, siege guarding city, put aside the gap in equipment, the routine is so several sets, unless the quality of the soldiers is too different, according to the normal routine, is more difficult, therefore, wise generals commander, more willing to lure the enemy out of the city to fight a war of annihilation, also seldom willing to force siege."Originally under Liu Xuande, are such only know good fight malicious ACTS, so, I will rest assured!" Zhang ren also not angry, just lukewarm back.

"You won't understand." Pity looked at wei yan, pang tong sighed, no explanation, wobbly left, leaving wei yan a face at a loss, good, how to start discriminating against people again?"Here!" Xing Daorong before see tardif can fight guan yu hundreds of rounds, then know the jingzhou army, in addition to guan yu, zhang fei and huang zhong, I'm afraid no one can beat this person, is guan yu don't say, he also won't go up to ask for it.Are you finally coming out?博罗平安中学Arm a tremor, hand crescent ji almost off hand rather than, a pair of arms is as if not their own general, not frightened in the heart, didn't expect guan yu under the arrow, still have such a terrible explosive force.

博罗平安中学Xing Daorong just came back to reinstate, then heard the outside cry, his face is not difficult to look, and look at guan yu, a red face seems to have no change, but if you look carefully, you will find that guan yu's face is much more ruddy than usual.Early in the morning, the street is an excited crowd, one by one street to discuss what, restaurants are gathered in the school of students, one by one excited about what to discuss.

"Who are you, weUnder the wall, there are still undead men moan in despair, whether it is the enemy or his own, even if saved, the probability of survival is not high, if the war began, lu su can also have some compassion, then listen to these if there is no moan, in addition to numbness, the rest is only indifference."Who is that?" Zhang fei turned his head to look at a defected shu general asked.博罗平安中学




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