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银龙传刘一手鼻正膜"I... "Zhang yun was about to answer, but the words to the mouth, but suddenly frightened to kuai yue:" how do you know the difference?For a long time, lyu3 bu4 open eyes, see to all way: "everyone rest assured, which weight, I cent clear, send troops expensive frost, impossible, if that is really my kind... "Intensive arrow falls and handles the god of war soldiers immediately fell to the crossbow arrows, fortification of soldiers rushed up, began to jun archer, this moment has no distance is, a cluster of arrows rain gathered in the air, many JianCu fell off in the crash, more is toward both sides pour, jun deadly, lyu3 bu4 military side also began to appear serious casualties.

CAI shi did not panic, just a light look at CAI MAO: "don't be here.""I count three, if don't lay down the weapon, all kill it!" Small school eyes flash a ferocious look, suddenly raised his arm, harsh voice way: "one!"< / p > < p > a flag officer rushed out from the troops, flying horses came to the south zheng city, looked up to the position of the city wall, did not pay attention to those will lock their own bow and arrow, coolly way: "I am broken qiang zhonglang will be under the command of the flag, hanzhong taishou, zhang lu zhang adults can be in the city?银龙传"No need to ask?" Cao cao was very angry and smiled back. He nodded and said, "ok, don't ask me.

银龙传For this history is his predecessor, forcing the culprit, lyu3 bu4 first came to the biggest pressure source, lyu3 bu4 itself is not actually too much hatred, but at the moment she saw Chen GUI, a sense of pleasure and hate tangled emotions so strange at heart, that kind of mood, lyu3 bu4 surprised, did not deliberately to suppress, mood this kind of thing, in the case of irrelevant, still had better not to hold, so it is easy to suppress a psychopath, lyu3 bu4 pay great attention to vent their emotions, since appeared, and the enemy has also been caught up his eyes, since the negative emotions, And both sides no matter be in which respect, have irreconcilable contradiction, come to an end naturally."Gong and what he said were quite in tune with each other, but... Jia xu shook his head and said, "I'm afraid sun quan will not agree."You and I are ministers of jiangdong, not of the court. Zhou yu looked at the mountains in the distance and smiled. "bo yan and xiao xian naturally saw something. In the long run, if our army could conquer jingzhou, lu bu would be the enemy.

Chen qun's eyes flashed a look of appreciation. No one knew whether the nightingale was beautiful or not, because no one had seen her true face. However, it was the most admirable thing, regardless of state affairs."The general knows me?" Liu ye was somewhat surprised. He was in an awkward position under cao cao and his fame was not great."I know that." Xia houyuan silently nodded, there are those strong bow, as the side guarding the city, zhang liao's advantage is too big, especially the encircled camp, is a huge turtle shell, if you do not break the shell, xia houyuan did not have any chance.银龙传





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